Why Invest in Real State

What is arealstate? What does it involve? Why should you care?

Real state is probably the biggest investment anyone can and most certainly will do in its lifetime.  From the moment you leave your parents’ home, you will be investing in it.  Typically you will start renting an apartment and then as years go by, move from place to place; sometimes from city to city looking for (hopefully) a better place to call home.

In some cases, you will move in with someone or someone will come to live with you.  Start a new type of life, maybe get married (Cat Stevens comes to mind), have kids and again look for a better place for you and those that depend on you...

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Looking for a place to move?

Go north.  Go to Huntsville I have been told.  Being a South American, who indulges himself in taking decisions based on history, I did my bit of research on this city other time called Twickenham.

Huntsville, the modern city, has its origins tied to Freemasons.  For this reason, its streets carefully planned. And despite, it was for a very shortperiod, it was the capital of the state. Why is this relevant? Because it means it is a city with strong American background. It will shape the people living in it, and in return they will develop the town in a unique way.

Civil War, the Great Depression and World War II made of Huntsville a town that proved to like a bamboo to bad weather: it bends to it yet it never breaks...

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Let’s not talk about real estate

Realestate is the subject that everyone in the world speaks about.  Even though this is not a subject where I am precisely an expert, I accepted the challenge.  Why? You might say.  It certainly wasn’t for the money involved in it but because the opportunity knocked on my door in this way to get Huntsville apartments.

How is that?  Well, as you may have found by now, at the moment I have quite a good amount of time.  Yeah. Put in blunt words I left my job a few days ago. I used to work in the cut flower industry, which moves quite a good amount of dollars per year in almost every single nation in the world (if not all). But this story is to be told in a different way, in another article perhaps. For this reason, I think it is an excellent opportunity to learn something new...

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Business as usual

When I got a request to write an article on Huntsville, Alabama apartments, the first thing I did was of course Google it.  I must confess I have been to that part of the world. I am talking about Alabama.

In my mind, Alabama has never been positioned as a place to go visit, let alone live. I mean, you are reading an article written by an Ecuadorian. A somewhattraveled one but apparently not adventurous enough to find out how important a state and a city such as Huntsville is, not only to America but the Western World.

Missiles, rockets, NASA are not only big words, but big projects and, of course, big bucks. All these can only happen in one place if you have a well-structured, well-organized community. Where, businesses are not priority, but people are of high priority...

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Alabama, more than just a song

Sweet home Alabama…. The song comes into my mind as I start writing this article with the hope that those blue skies lead me tounderstanding a little bit more about this state and more specifically Huntsville. Which I have just discovered is as small town close to the University of Alabama (UAH).

UAH is a state-supported center that can award master and doctoral degrees in business administration, education, and engineering, amongst others like liberal arts, nursing, and science.In full we are talking about more than 70 programs of which 23 are Masters’ degree and 15 PHD.  If you are wondering about statistics on admittance, a small chart shows that UAH has admitted over 60% of applicants up to 80% from 2011 to 2014...

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